Dosia McKay is an American composer of music for the concert stage, film, and modern dance. A versatile sound colorist, McKay in her recent compositions, has been drawn toward vibrant and rich sonic landscapes reflective of her own abstract paintings. Her portfolio includes works for symphony orchestra, chamber ensembles, choir, soloists, as well as electro-acoustic installations. 

Notable performers include the New York City Ballet OrchestraThe Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra, the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, the Knox-Galesburg Symphony, the North/South Consonance Orchestra of New York, the Polish avant-garde string quartet NeoQuartet, the Polish Orpheus Orchestra, the Asheville chamber music repertory company Pan Harmonia, the S.E.M. EnsembleSpartanburg Philharmonic String Trio, Asheville Ballet, Baroque lutenist Will Tocaben, Argentine guitar virtuoso Sergio Puccini, and many others. Read the full biography here.

Dosia McKay is also a painter concentrating on portraiture and abstract expressionist imagery. She has published a collection of poems, short stories, and essays on her blog Music Well. She has also released her debut novel, a psychological thriller, The Flow. Read the full biography here.

Recent Projects

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