Dosia McKay

Dosia McKay
I paint on a post-classical canvas with vibrant harmonies and expressive melodies. My music explores emotional, intellectual, and spiritual landscapes.

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Dosia McKay is an American composer of music for concert stage, film, and modern dance. A versatile sound colorist, McKay fluently weaves elements of classical harmony, avant-garde, ambient soundscapes, lyricism of Slavic folk melodies, and her own visual art into the fabric of her compositions. Her portfolio includes works for symphony orchestra, chamber ensembles, choir, soloists, as well as electro-acoustic installations.


- Harpsichord Concerto - new music for Harpsichord and String Orchestra

- Awakening - new music for Viola and Piano

- Parting originally composed for Baroque lute has been recorded by the Argentine guitar virtuoso Sergio Puccini and released on the Epsa Music label.

- Watercolors for Symphony Orchestra.
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